About UNTD


About UNTD: Redefining Sneaker and Apparel Culture with Unity and Inclusivity

At UNTD, we believe in breaking down barriers and rewriting the rules of the sneaker and apparel industry. Born from the collective vision of a close-knit group of friends, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way people engage with a brand. Our journey began with a shared desire to replace exclusivity with inclusivity, to foster connections that span beyond fashion and into the realms of unity and togetherness.


Our Genesis: A New Dawn of Access

Founded on the principles of accessibility and camaraderie, UNTD emerged from a simple yet powerful idea: to shift the narrative from scarcity to abundance, from division to unity. We recognized the conventional model of limited releases and high demand, which often left many enthusiasts disappointed and excluded. With a passionate belief in equal opportunities, we embarked on a journey to democratize the way people access fashion.


The UNTD Experience: Where Unity Meets Style

Our brand stands as a testament to the notion that style is not limited to a chosen few, but rather a reflection of diverse tastes and personalities. UNTD isn't just about sneakers and apparel; it's a movement that celebrates the harmony of differences. Our mascot, Terry, embodies this ethos. Named after the Latin term "Terra," which signifies Earth, Terry symbolizes our commitment to connecting individuals from all walks of life under the same universal umbrella.


Connect with Us

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Unity in Diversity, Style in Togetherness: UNTD